Planet x is real

planet x is real

Nibiru: Planet X - the end of the world as we know it on September 23, . If Nibiru or Planet X were real and headed for an encounter with the. The news of an unseen world lurking somewhere in our solar system may be real, and scientists hope to spot it soon, putting to rest rumors it. No REAL Planet X sightings on Saturday will it kill off the myth? THE date was specific and the claim was simple - Nibiru would appear in the. Six terrifying ways humanity could be destroyed. In , a conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed "Christian numerologist" named David Meade revived the Nibiru cataclysm by tying it to various passages from the Bible. Another accusation frequently made by websites predicting the collision is that the U. Nibiru has been blamed for a variety of things — strange events on Earth, days of darkness where the sun won't rise, and even the potential destruction of Earth. Naturally, conspiracy theorists have jumped on the idea of a ninth planet, which they claim could be the Planet X they've been warning us about. Only registered members of Astronomy. According to fake Internet accounts, Nibiru is supposedly as large as the largest planets in our solar system. Tongue-in-cheek prediction of the planet Nibiru colliding with our planet Earth on November 21, , from a Weekly World News article written by Frank Lake on June 12, Nibiru, the fictitious planet in the hyped-up doomsday scare, is not real! First, most of the planets around other Sun-like stars have no single orbital range -- that is, some orbit extremely close to their host stars while others follow exceptionally distant orbits. Lieder drew the name Planet X from the hypothetical planet once searched for by astronomers to account for discrepancies in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune. M eade believes October could see the start The Rapture and a seven-year tribulation period of widescale natural disasters. Of course, any planet that Nasa discovered almost certainly won't have any of the attributes that believers in Nibiru ascribe to it. Instead, it's just an interesting — entirely physical and explained, if mysterious and uncertain — planet. That left them with the idea of a planet. The Earth cannot do it by itself, because of the law of the conservation of angular momentum. Sheppard and Trujillo are continuing the hunt. His twitter handle is plutokiller. This impact crater appears relatively recent as it has a sharp rim and well-preserved ejecta. planet x is real She top 10 online casino websites, claiming to speak as the Zetas, [8] that "The Hale—Bopp comet does not exist. Nasa's Hubble Jocuri online casino Telescope apps chip android unveiled in tipico app update detail a small section of the Veil Nebula - expanding remains of loyola marymount location massive star that exploded about 8, years casino erfahrung. Only registered members of Astronomy. How book of ra casino slot games download nonsense Planet X Marcel granollers and Nasa fake news theories spread globally". University of Arizona press. Giant comets zug spiele online spielen pose danger to life on Earth. SUBSCRIBE RENEW DIGITAL EDITIONS GIVE A GIFT.


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